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Russell M. Henderson


Russell has over 15 years professional experience spread over 4 continents, working for large and small architectural practices, engineering firms and contractors . This has given him global and broad design exposure, in different cultural environments and situations.

Currently based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Russell designs efficient, thoughtful and practical buildings in a challenging environment. Projects completed have also been broad from, malls, mix use, high rise apartments and office, hotels, factories to small scale luxury villas and affordable housing. Projects include some of the first LEED Green buildings in Africa, which have won various awards.

Russell also educates his passion for Architecture, with video content on multiple platforms including YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. This has earned him verification by TikTok and various social media awards from the public and judges.

Russell joined GAA from the beginning and has been a regular co-host and contribution to grow the Alliance.


Russell M. Henderson
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