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Dory Azar


Dory began working on construction sites for his family business at the age of 13 years. After completing his Diploma in Architectural Technology at St. Clair College, Dory became the Head Designer at Raymax Construction Ltd., where he was responsible for the design and production of over 500 homes in seven years. Dory completed his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and his Master of Architecture degrees at Lawrence Technological University [Southfield, MI, USA] and has been a Licensed Architect in the Province of Ontario since 2010. His work experience is extensive, including employment at large architectural firms in both Windsor and Detroit, MI, USA. In August 2011, he opened Dory Azar Architect Inc. [DAAi]. Over the years, DAAi has built an international portfolio of both residential and commercial projects.

Clients come to Dory for his creative solutions to challenging space limitations, which ultimately result in striking forms and iconic builds. Dory and the DAAi team specialize in designing for extremely challenging sites and near impossible space planning [floor plan] situations. Their core philosophy is to design homes to reflect the lifestyles of each individual client [e.g., they don’t design homes for “resale”, they design them for the clients who live there now], and they have dedicated most of their practice towards cultivating this approach. Furthermore, in these difficult times, Dory, along with his whole DAAi team, feel that the importance of the home as a refuge for supporting mental and emotional wellbeing cannot be understated.

TikTok - @dory.azar.architect Instagram - @dory.azar.architect Facebook - @AzarArchitect

Dory Azar
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