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Architecture in the Den with Jason Boyle: Business Confidence

Tune in to hear Lisa and Jason, from the perspective of being mentors and mentees, discuss the powerpack that is self-confidence.

So you’ve got your own architecture practice, and there’s a multitude of responsibilities resting on you, some play to your strengths, others not so much. Common challenges can be networking effectively, confidently expressing your value to clients, or fielding criticism (unfair or fair) with grace. Learn about the simple steps they take to allow them to turn challenges into opportunities and relish being in business - what is your question for them?

Pride Road Architects is founded on the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation. Our vision is for architecture to be a meaningful career for the missing 21% of women who study but don’t ever work in the profession. (UCAS gender split in 2017 when studying architecture is F:M 49:51, gender split ARB registered architects 2018 F:M 28:72). And to provide careers that can sustain rather than strain family life.

In 2010, Founder and CEO Lisa Raynes turned her successful sole practice into a franchise that other ambitious architects wanting work/life balance can buy into. She’s had a seat on the RIBA Council (2015-18), been Chair of Women in Property NW and founded Manchester Curious, an urban architecture outreach festival.

Jason Boyle is a Chartered Architect with over 20 years of experience in design. He has designed many different building types; from residential to cancer centres, office buildings through to Nuclear facilities. In 2017 Jason became the youngest Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (FRIBA) and in 2018 he was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). Jason is currently the RIBA Ambassador for Civil Infrastructure in the UK and has lectured internationally on the future of architecture and technology. Jason was a past member of the RIBA North West Regional Council and is currently working on one of the 3 UK Nuclear mega projects for the UK government.

Jason spends his spare time mentoring young professionals using a holistic approach.

To hear the interview of Jason Boyle by Lisa Raynes please listen here:

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